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Űber uns - Zuchtstation Bianca-Marco

Welcome to the website of our Bianca-Marco Breeding Station!
We would like to introduce our four-legged friends of the Perro Dogo Mallorquin Race, in which we specialize. At first, let us begin with a couple of words about the origin of our breeding station.

As it often happens, we came in contact with this rare and in the Czech Republic the least abundant dog race for the first time clearly by chance in 1998 (at that time, approximately 50 dogs and bitches were only registered in the CZ). What followed was far from incidental, but a clear plan how to get hold of a high quality male dog for female Anita ze Strašických chalup (CAC, CAC res.). The choice was easy – who else than at that time the “greatest stud” in the CR – Alko z Hlučínských rovnin (Ch CZ, SK, 4x CACIB, 7x CAC, res. CACIB, res. CAC, 5x BOB, National Champion). It was short after that, that the foundress of our breeding station was born – CINDERELLA ZE STRAŠICKÝCH CHALUP. Since we wanted to have “our own” Welpen, we decided to establish a breeding station. To think out a name for our station was quite a stumbling block for us. Eventually, we opted out our own first names, which we changed into an “international” form and joined with a hyphen.   

Our internationally copyrighted “Bianca-Marco” breeding station was registered in the Czech Republic on the basis of a FCI declaration (Fédération Cynologique International) on 12th of October 2004 with registration number 895/04.

Our first litter was born on 15th of March 2006 (5 days after Cinda’s 5th birthday). We decided to keep and include into our breeding station a budding doggie, which was named ALCAPONE.

Today, we „only“ have these two dogs. However, we are considering expanding our darling brown-striped kennel with a new female, hopefully importing her from abroad.

Certifikát chovatelské stanice Bianca-Marco

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